One major component of the Sister Church partnership is the establishment of a child sponsorship program, administered by VisionTrust International and in cooperation with Christianville Foundation. For $40 a month, you can provide a child in Grand Savann with a Christian education, health care, and basic living needs. We offer several short-term missions trips each year to Haiti during which you can visit your sponsored child! To sponsor one of the available children, contact Heidi Wareham.



Age 6

Fabrunie's parents sell items in the market and earn daily wages. Fabrunie likes to play with dolls.


Age 11

Rolph is a friendly girl who lives with her parents. She is responsible for gathering firewood and washing clothes. She enhances her spiritual growth by attending Sunday school.

 NoodcheldaAge 5

Noodchelda's parents are both farmers. She is a shy girl who enjoys drawing, playing with dolls, and jumping rope. Your sponsorship will make it possible for her to attend a Christian school.


Age 14Lutza lives with her mother and twin sister. Her father is deceased. Lutza is often busy helping with household chores. When she has free time, she enjoys jumping rope and reading.


Age 14Judza lives with her mother and twin sister. Judza is a joyful young lady who loves to laugh, dance, and cook. She does not currently attend school due to her mother not having the financial resources to send her.

Sponsor a Local Hero

For $100 a month you can sponsor a local hero. Your sponsorship will make it possible for them to help the children at Grand Savann School develop to their full potential.