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Memorial Stones

Memorial [ muh–mawr-ee-uh l, –mohr– ] something designed to preserve the memory of a person, event, etc., as a monument or a holiday. Definition from dictionary.com  Memorial Day was yesterday,

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The Common Good

Happy Memorial Day! Or if you are reading this at a later date… Happy Day! This is truly one of my favorite weekends of the

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He Has Never Changed!

What happens when everything you know has changed?  Communities like Lewis Memorial in Springfield have had to make many adjustments to assure the safety and

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Pray For Our Leaders

Politics!  The mere mention of the word has almost always brought differing opinions, strong statements, and strong positions.  But all of that seems to be

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Dry Bones

Tears fell down my face as I gave in to the feelings of worthlessness and self loathing. Someone who knew me and all my faults

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