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Blues Riff in “B”

Watch Me for the Changes Have you ever been to a concert and you find yourself standing (because let’s face it–you don’t sit at a

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The God Who Sees

Wow. We’re deep into “Shelter In Place” right now. Things have gotten real…and real fast. I’ve noticed something interesting as we continue to minister to

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Life isn’t always easy.  Just humor me for a second because it’s most likely true for all of us today.  We’re facing a giant.  Or,

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Kill The Judge Within

Kill The Judge Within When was the last time you judged someone for something they did?  If you are being honest it was probably the

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Groundhog Day

The other day, I woke up and immediately said to my husband, “Looks like it’s Groundhog Day…again.” Have you thought that lately? That you’re stuck

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