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Fear Not!

Submitted by a Christian refugee living in Asia

The greatest  joy  that I know in this life is serving the Lord. I believe that is one of the greatest blessing. I am thankful that  God has chosen  me to work as an evangelist. After Graduation I studied theology  M div. Same time I start working as a street evangelist because I feel working out side church outdoor  ministry is very challenging and powerful. People want to know God. I worked with bible society and  Bible College  as a preacher for free bible distribution. I was beaten by some people with serious  life threat.

Later I was kidnapped  and badly beaten by the same group of people. They forced me stop preaching  and change my religion but I refused to  accept. I  was in prison for 3 weeks. At last They want to kill me. By the grace of God.  I mange to escape  from  there
and flee to another  country where I am living now since many years.

In words it is  very hard to express the feeling about leaving home country and loved ones. As We believe  our God faithful God. This is what I practically  experience in my life. On my first church service in a new country. After sermon  on call of prayer. I was the first  person standing in front of pastor. Pastor said my bro God want to say something  to you. I know you  left your home your country everything. My word for you is fear not I am with you. I will take care of you.

By these words God put new hope  and power because at time  I was hopeless. Later I have seen great works of God in life. After some time  I got married. Now I have two kids. I got protection  from UNHCR. Life is always full of new challenges. Life as a refugee is very challenging  and hard. But I want to thank God. Who love protect and provide  for us as like a good  father. I also want share about my Dad. He passed way 4 years ago. That is the greatest  loss of my life. I love him so much as he loved  me. I was not in position to do anything for dad and I lost him and I lost  my self. Because of trauma I suffered sleep disorder. God helped me to recover.

In life we all have some good memories  and bad experience and memories. It really easy and good to thank God when we are happy and enjoying  good time. As a human we feel bit difficult  to say thank you  God in Hard times of our life. Bible is full of lovely stories  of  faith and trusting God in any situation. Life is a journey. Only our faith on Christ and trust on God make this journey  beautiful. I believe we are very lucky because we still have many blessings and opportunities to thank our Father
God who is our protector and provider. I want to encourage all with a prayer:

Dear God thank you for helping us last year. We know that your love  grace and strength is with us. Help us to keep our focus on you. Help us to remember that the Christ Emanuel is our greatest treasure. Fill us with your joy and  peace of spirit. Direct our hearts and minds towards you. Thank you for your  presence in our lives and families. Surround us with your blood live and joy because you said FEAR NOT I AM WITH YOU.  In Jesus name we ask and pray, Amen.

– AB Brain.*

*Name has been changed to protect his identity.

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