Lord we praise You
Nothing satisfies like You do
You never change
You never fail
You’re irresistible

The love of God is a powerful thing.  It grants us the feeling of belonging to something meaningful beyond our sphere of influence.  Too often we get so focused on ourselves that we can lose sight of the fact that we have a truly Great and Awe-inspiring God who loves us – actually loves us!  He isn’t “the big guy upstairs” or a cosmic being who created the world and left it to its own devices.  He is a loving, caring, and active God.  He is moving in this world. 

The last five months have been very different.  To some they have seemed long, dark, and never-ending.  To others it has been the beginning of a long journey with anxiety or depression.  And it does not seem to have an end in sight.  We are drifting into a “new normal” that can be very uncomfortable as we navigate uncharted waters.

Through the darkness, in our weakness
You made a way
We were broken, lost, and hopeless
Our lives You’ve changed

2020 might not the way we planned.  It might not be the grand gilded thing we had hoped for, but we can rest in the knowledge that we have a God who makes a way in the darkness.  A God who restores the broken.  A God who seeks out the lost and gives hope to those who have none. 

So may we continue to shift our focus off of the darkness around us.  May we shift our primary focus from the political divides and racial tension that continues to grow all around us, and may we look to an irresistible God who will give us strength to face the tough times.  May we focus on God so that we can represent His son Jesus to a hurting world. 

May we bring hope, freedom, and purpose to everyone we encounter because we have been made new through the irresistible love of a God who never changes and never fails!

How can you intentionally show love to your next door neighbors this month?

How can you intentionally show love to your co-workers this week?

How can you intentional show love to your family today?

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