Rochester Christian Church

National Ministries

National Ministries

Lincoln Christian University

LCU is located in Lincoln, Illinois. The mission of LCU is to develop an equipping leadership ministry for churches and church-related organizations to glorify God by carrying out the Great Commission of Christ. LCU doesn’t only exist to serve the students in preparation of Kingdom work, but many students, faculty, & staff serve area churches through preaching, teaching, leading worship services, and leading revivals.

Newlife Community Church

Newlife Community Church is a Christian Church that currently meets at over 20 campuses in the city of Chicago. Their church plant in Albany Park launched in the fall of 2012. The neighborhood of Albany Park is the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in the U.S. It is only 2 square miles but is home to more than 60,000 people from all parts of the world. This little-big neighborhood needs a Church that is just as diverse as its population to share the redeeming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Mari (Campbell) Chimitris is transitioning from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where she will continue to serve with IVCF. Mari and her husband Greg will be working mainly with 18 small group leaders whom they will be training and caring for as together they create witnessing communities of students who share the Good News with their friends and work to see the entire campus transformed by the Gospel.

Choose to Invest, Inc

Nathanael and Kristin Avery founded Choose to Invest in October of 2008. Choose to Invest assembles and leads groups of American college students for a semester-long experience that includes spiritual exploration and solidification, leadership development, and experiential learning before travel to Kenya, Africa. While in Kenya, the students work with children and in-country college students. After returning from Kenya, the students engage in ministry in the city of Atlanta and begin debriefing and living out the life God has called them to.

Pioneer Bible Translators

Nathan and Lindsay Davenport are recruiting, encouraging and mobilizing the next generation of missionaries who will go to the Bible-less peoples of the world. Through their work, they hope to complete the task Christ has given us all of going to "every tongue, tribe and nation." Jeff and Laura Wilhoit served for many years in Guinea, West Africa as part of a team who were working to translate the Bible into the Toma language. At the end of 2009, because of the political instability in Guinea, the Wilhoits evacuated to the US. They are now working on the Toma translation via email and occasional visits. Jeff has transitioned into the roles of Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer for PBT. Laura has taken on the role of Home School Advisor for PBT.

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