New Normal

New Normal

I have a two-year-old.

I also have a four- and six-year-old, but I thought it pertinent to begin by sharing why I deserve your sympathy. My two-year-old has been this age for going a decade now, it seems. I like to think I’m someone who can exemplify patience in the face of adversity and difficult circumstances; I am, after all, a student pastor. I work with dozens and dozens of your teenagers on a weekly basis.

But this two-year-old child is giving me a run for my money. He has no fear. He has no sense of personal space. He has no concept of crossing the line when it comes to bothering his brothers. And after getting into trouble for the 734534892937498527394857293845th time in a day, he’ll look up with those giant blue eyes and say in the sweetest voice, “I’m sorry, Dad. I love you!”

Ugh. Bother his brothers, get in trouble, break his parents into submission with his cartoonishly adorable eyes; lather, rinse, repeat.

But now that this new normal is keeping us all under the same roof 24/7, and after decompressing every night with my wife from homeschooling, playing with Legos, playing catch, sobbing quietly in the corner room from the stress (just kidding about that one…maybe), we say the same thing to each other every day:

I’m so thankful for our new normal.

I firmly believe that God reveals the good in every situation. Sometimes it takes a minute to see it, but He’s constantly reminding us that He’s there, and that He’s good. And you know what’s good? Being able to spend 24 hours each day with my two-year-old. I get to see his joy, his spirit, his creativity, and his energy on display at all times now. What a blessing that is!

As we continue to stare down the barrel of this pandemic and all of its uncertainty, I implore you to seek the good that God has created especially for you. I assure you, it’s there. Because we worship a good King.

Who knows? Maybe it’s right under your nose, looking up at you with big, blue eyes.

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