The Death of Death

The Death of Death

Today is Good Friday.  Such an odd name for the events that took place on this day nearly two thousand years prior.  The greatest human being to ever walk this Earth was falsely accused of crimes he didn’t commit, sentenced to die a criminals death, and ultimately hung upon a cross and left to die a slow and agonizing death.  

Why in the world would it even be called good?  How could a day that brought such pain and misery to Jesus be even close to something that bears the title “good”?  Good Friday is good because it does the following.

It Showcases God’s Love

God in all His might did not need to come down to be with His creation.  He could have stayed in heaven separated from the darkness that the world was embracing, but He chose to lay it aside and become a man(John 1:14).  His love was on full display when He took our place, took our punishment, took our burdens and guilt, and was nailed to the cross.  If you have ever struggled with whether or not you are loved, all you have to do is look at a cross and know that the God of the entire universe knows you, loves you, and forgives you.  He understands your pain, He knows what it is to suffer, and He knows what it took so that you can be made whole.

It Reminds Us That We Are Forgiven

This is probably one of my favorite aspects of the entire Easter season.  I love the fact that all of my sins, my struggles, my anger, my addictions, and my pain are gone(Hebrews 10:10). They are gone.  Jesus took them to the cross and buried them in the grave.  He brought me out of the bondage and shame and has given me a new life to worship Him.  I know that I can stand on His promises and in His love without the weight of those memories and feelings any longer.

It Give Us A Chance To Remember His Sacrifice

Today gives us an excellent opportunity to remember Him.  To take what He did and put it at the forefront of our minds.  It is a chance to reflect on his love.  A tangible way to do this is through the bread and juice of communion.  Communion is a chance to intentionally remember His sacrifice.  It is a moment to thank Him that He took our punishment on the cross.  And it is a gift that allows us to celebrate that fact that He is actively working in our lives.

So may you take today as an opportunity to receive God’s love, remember that you are forgiven, and reflect on what Christ has done for you.

His sacrifice was the greatest sacrifice that has ever been given.  The grave no longer holds power over us.  His death was the death of death, and that is our victory!

**For the last four years we have done a Good Friday Walk-Through Experience where participants have an opportunity to be immersed into the last moments of Jesus’ life.  It is a powerful experience.  This year, due to the Pandemic, we are not doing an in-person version of this.  However, we are offering an audio guide with pdf download for you to do as a family.  The Audio Experience will be available on the homepage of the RCC app for you and your family to listen through together.   You can also access it on our website here.


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