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Go Into All The World…

Mark 16:15
And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mathew 28:19
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit.

With more than 85 Preachers and co-workers, in more than 105 different places in India, primary focus is: Church planting through Evangelism, running Children’s home, offering Medical Service, Educational
Service and Social Service in order to cater to the needs of the people in rural India since 1975. our only vision from the beginning has been to share the good news of Salvation through Jesus Christ and work among people in rural India by reaching out to the poor and needy.

We are focused on
• Planting churches through evangelizing the unreached
• Nurturing disciples
• Developing leaders
• Conducting Vacation Bible School
• Sharing Christ’s love through humanitarian services
• Running Children’s home
• Supporting Widows and the Elderly
• Conducting free tuition centers for students (education)
• Setting up Medical Camps
• Carrying out Relief work
• Providing Day Care Centers
• Empowering Women through Self – Help groups
• Constructing a New Life Centre…

RICM takes care of 30 widows and aged people. Our vision is to transform their life, provide for their needs and make them strong in Christian faith under one roof. We need a separate building for them (New Life Centre). Please pray and join with us to continue to transform their lives.

RICM is conducting more than 25 free tuition centers in different villages where many school going children and school drop-outs are benefitted. Children of illiterate parents as well as children, whose parents are unable to help their children in studies, leave their children in these centers. The teachers are given a monthly stipend and they help the students to complete their school home work, score good marks in the exams and have a bright future. So far at least 10000 students have benefitted through this program.

Frequent medical camps are conducted in the villages. The poor people avail free health checkups by authorized doctors. Awareness programs for HIV/AIDS, Cancer, filarial infection and other communicable diseases are conducted. Education on nutrition is conducted for pregnant women, feeding mothers, young girls and children.  We help people affected by floods, earth quakes, drought, fire accidents, disasters like tsunami, etc… We raise resources and provide relief. We provide housing, commodities and provision for daily use for the rehabilitation of the disaster victims.

Day Care Centers are set up to take care of toddlers who are yet to start formal schooling and children whose parents work as coolie laborers with no one to take care of their children during their absence.
Women Empowerment through Self-Help Groups Destitute women who feel let down in life, those who are weighed down by debts and those who are burdened by unreasonable interest rates charged by private agencies are brought together to form small groups. RICM helps these women to obtain loans from nationalized banks to carry out small scale business such as making food products, detergents, baskets, tailoring, etc…We are happy to inform you that many of these women have become small-scale entrepreneurs and are now living a peaceful, debt-free life.

So far 20 groups have been nurtured by RICM and 240 individuals/families have benefitted through this program.  Every year at least 15000 children are met through Vacation Bible School. Many non-believer parents have been touched by the power of the Gospel through their VBS-attending children. Many children took a vow not to bow down to idols. We are carrying out follow up work. We need your prayers and help to meet many more children and their needs, provide follow-up materials and for transport.  Nevertheless all these wouldn’t have been possible without the support and prayers of kind hearted godly brothers and sisters, who never seized to uplift us in prayers and extend their generous support for the needy.

During this Dyer time of pandemic where people are facing hunger, starvation, many psychological issues, breakdowns and many more issues.  Through the support of many kind hearted generous brothers and sisters until now we have been able to support thousands of people in hundreds Of villages with rice, vegetables, provisions, bedsheets and masks .  This has also paved way for so many to accept Christ as their personal saviour and obey in baptism.  Kindly uphold us through your prayers and generous contribution for the hungry and destitute.

I thank you all dear brothers and sisters for your kind support and encouragement. You are all the tower of support lighting the lamp of so hundreds of thousands of people.
May God bless you all .

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